Vignette - Zeon's Blue Devil 0

After successful raid on Federation Forces' White Base Rmabal Ral captured EFF's trial prototype mobile suit RX-78.
With the huge moral boost the raid brought to Zeon's Earth Ground Forces the captured RX-78 was given to Ramba Ral as his personal unit complete with the his trade mark blue colour scheme as well as the new experimental Heat Sword.

Meanwhile the White Base did arrived at the Jaburo HQ and all personnel on board were put through the court martial. The original RX-78 pilot, Lt. Sergeant Amuro Rey who showed the trait of newly discovered so called New Type ability was put into the military mental institute with no further record.

The idea of the vignette came about when RX-78 ver 1.5 model was suffered some damage at the hand of mate's young son. In the ordeal it lost ankle and right arm joint. While contemplating the repair needed I came up with an idea for the vignette. At that time I was toying with the idea of vignette featuring Ramba Ral's Zaku I plus ground support vehicles. With the RX-78 kit, however, I've decided to put couple of HO scale figures. Luckily I could find what appeared to be recast(?) of Fresiers figures at various scale. Being HO scale its 1/87 is close enough for 1/100 kit and after little bit of modification they look the part as Zeon ground forces though at that time I took bit of liberty when it comes to the uniform. I should've researched bit more to find out the correct uniform for the Zeon Earth Ground Forces but at that time couldn't care less to be honest. ^ ^