SEGA Saturn Motherboard 171-6874D Vs EDGE Magazine Issue 23 cover Generation 5

After I opened the PP1-007 unit and taken the photo I got to thinking of the old EDGE magazine cover art.
Yes I'm talking about the Issue 23 cover art of SEGA Saturn motherboard.

as shown this board was 171-6874D which is the version inside the Japanese launching Saturn console. However I got the below picture which is also the 171-6874D inside the lauching Saturn console. (I turned and cropped in the same way as the EDGE cover for easy comparison) Also take note that EDGE magazine replaced four large chip lettering on their surface.  :)

One noticeable difference is one has the ROM chip soldered directly to the board while the other one has the chip sockert. And this chip socket is very similar to the 171-6874C board as shown below.

This particular board was inside the SEGA internal prototype unit and shares many features with the boards used in the Saturn development system - Sophia. Also common at that time this test board used many engineering sample chips. Finally it'd interesting if there is any difference between this boot ROM and the one on the launching Saturn, v1.0.0 :)